Alphabet Soup Release: Bank Gothic with New Lower Case

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My most recent Alphabet Soup release is a re-creation of Morris Fuller Benton’s classic Bank Gothic. I felt that adding a set of lower case characters that felt completely consistent with the original design would greatly enhance the usability of this beautiful workhorse font.

Bank Gothic AS-Regular & Bank Gothic AS-Shortcaps

Designing a lowercase that had never existed before for Bank Gothic—and have the new characters feel as if they were there from the beginning—wasn’t as easy a task as I first believed it would be. Trying to second guess how Mr. Benton would have designed this lower case was at times perplexing, so this project (which I initially thought I’d complete in about three or four months) actually took almost five years to complete. But I believe that in the end I finally got it right, and hope that Mr. Benton would have approved!

Bank Gothic AS-Condensed & Bank Gothic AS-Condensed Shortcaps

In addition to creating a set of lowercase characters, I also created a new set of shortcaps for those instances where the classic Bank Gothic “caps and shortcaps” look is preferable. Plus, I created a Condensed version of the font, also with new lowercase and standard shortcaps. The Bank Gothic AS family is available at Alphabet Soup Type Founders. A Bank Gothic AS Manual (PDF) containing more background and a complete character set can be downloaded from my downloads page at Illoz.

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