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In-Depth Interview Just Posted

April 13, 2011 on 9:49 pm | By | In News, Notes | No Comments

I recently did an in-depth interview with Sonali Vora a writer based in India for the blog VectorTuts+. This is a blog of tutorials, articles, freebies and more on all things vector. Their roster of writers is truly international, coming from such diverse countries as Ukraine, India, Australia, England and the good ol’ US of A.

Sonali introduces the interview with these words: “We recently had the opportunity to interview this award-wining designer, lettering artist, and illustrator. Michael talks about his childhood influences, his education and his brilliant start at a freelance career. He tells us about his experience working with some of the big clients and the valuable projects that challenged him to explore his creative potential”. Those of you out there who are curious to learn a little more about what makes me tick might want to take a look at it.

Fonts In Use: Steinweiss Script in Mexico

April 6, 2011 on 5:49 pm | By | In News | No Comments

Another in my series of Alphabet Soup “Fonts In Use” this post highlights Steinweiss Script. I just heard from graphic designer Eric Baker who used the font in a design project for the graphic identity of Casa Cantil, a beautiful villa just a couple of hours outside of Mexico City. Here’s his design in the context of a business card:

What strikes me is that in this context Steinweiss feels quite contemporary—not quite the “vintage” look that one might have expected from such a font. My intention was to create a font that would be kind of like a chameleon – in that it could feel appropriate in many different contexts. Here it seems perfect for the 1960s Mexicana feel I think Eric was going for.

If you’ve used an Alphabet Soup font in an interesting way, email me some images—I’d be happy to post them!

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