For All You ‘KISS’ Fans Out There…

June 18, 2008 on 10:16 am | By | In News, Wayback Machine | 6 Comments

Years ago I did the cover for Kiss’ album “Rock and Roll Over”. When I did it, I styled it after another piece I had done—a cover for the Japanese graphics magazine IDEA. Over the years this piece has gotten more notoriety (founded or unfounded) than almost any other piece of art I’ve done. I’ve done many interviews about my experience doing this cover. This short interview was done for Rockpages Web Magazine, out of Greece, which is part of their year-long special on this rock group. Another more recent interview was done for “Tokyo Five” and can be seen HERE.


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  1. I had to move the interview(s) you did with me in 2009.

    The first one (the one you referenced in this post) is now here:

    The more recent (of the two) is here:


    Comment by Tokyo Five — March 13, 2019 #

  2. […] 1) For All You ‘KISS’ Fans Out There… […]

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  3. True. I mentioned it in a recent interview in Lettercult:

    Unfortunately I cannot divulge any details of the cover until KISS issues their press release, which should be any day. But I would describe it as “Rock and Roll Over” redone inside-out.

    Speaking of which, not only will there be a limited edition print of the new cover, but I’m now re-creating the art of RARO to create a limited edition print to be sold in tandem with the new one.

    Comment by MD — August 6, 2009 #

  4. I heard that you’re doing the artwork for the upcoming KISS album (scheduled for release in 2009 Sept).

    Is that true?

    Any hints what it’ll look like?

    Comment by Tokyo Five — August 2, 2009 #

  5. Thanks for doing the great interview with me!

    I added it to my site:

    and mentioned it on my blog:

    (I also added a link to this blog on my blog).

    Comment by Tokyo Five — April 21, 2009 #

  6. This is one classic album cover. I have been a fan of Kiss since I was 8 years old, 39 now. This was always my favorite cover of the entire bunch. I wish you had gotten a cut of every piece of merchandise this has appeared on.
    As an artist it would be nice to see another artist get in on the sales profits. I had heard your name, maybe from this cover… but elsewhere too I believe… and I am quite amazed with your site and what all you have done. I am quite the fan now. I have to assume that Adobe Illustrator made your life somewhat easier? I try and imagine how this cover was created back in the day… with what materials. If paint, how can it be that slick and tight? I am a big fan of the graphic style you present… and originated from what I can tell.
    Great job sir, it’s good to become more aware of your name and work.

    Comment by Chris Hoffman — June 19, 2008 #

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